Street Talk – Dance Battle

3v3 breaking, popping and locking dance battles



Street Talk hopes to share the richness of elemental hip-hop, street dance & street cultures and to bring our community together and share our dance with the wider community.

3v3 Street Dance Battle Saturday 2 July 2022 Battle 12-3pm​Open floor jam 3-4pm Basketball Court, Potters Park, Dominion Road Aotearoa street dancers go head to head in 3v3 crew battles with each member representing each of the 3 dynamic street dance styles of Bboying/Bgirling, Popping and Locking. On the wheels of steel we have DJ Mano playing funk and MC Bboy Papa Smurf hosting on the mic. A world famous judging panel include: Bboy Ducky (Drifterz Crew, Seoul, Korea) Mele Taeiloa (NZ Lockers, Projekt Team, 2 & A Half Brownies) Mr Zee (603, EnBeat)

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DJ Mano



Diana Toki-Hu

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